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What is a brand lift study and why it is important to your marketing efforts?

A brand lift study is used to measure your consumer-brand interaction post-marketing campaign. It helps in identifying favorable changes in the consumer’s customer journey, from awareness, perception, consideration and the likelihood of purchase after your marketing campaign.

In short, a brand lift study will help to answer these questions:

  1. Are audiences able to recall the ad?
  2. Do people like what they see in our ad?
  3. Are they more aware of the brand’s presence after seeing the ad?
  4. Did the ad influence people in considering our brand or product?
  5. Are consumers more likely to purchase the product or brand after seeing the ad?

How can one conduct a brand lift study?

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Primary Market Research

Primary market research (online surveys or online focus group discussions) allows you to ask either the global or regional audiences (depending on how big your marketing campaign is) what they think about your ad. More importantly, you are able to specify on how the ad can generally affect their customer journey. Stretching from awareness, consideration and influence to purchase. From primary market research and each customer journey will you get to know these answers:


Are more and more people aware of the brand after the campaign?


How does the consumer’s perception change pre and post marketing campaign? Do the consumers believe in the values of the brand and its products’ usage?

Purchase Is the ad persuasive enough to get people to buy the product? How do the key messages in the ads move people to purchase the product? Are the audiences choosing to lean towards the brand in their future purchases after seeing the ad?

Measure Changes in Online Metrics

To support your primary market research findings, you should also be measuring your online metrics as a concise validation. Increase in likes, comments and shares will validate your increase in brand engagement whilst new website or social media visitors contribute to the general increase in the brand awareness.


A brand lift study is a powerful tool to use in measuring your marketing campaign. The core of the brand lift study is to ask consumers directly about your ad and whether it generates the positive impact every brand hopes for towards its product and perception in the customer journey (or customer decision-making process). Brand lift studies have now become a necessity for every post-marketing campaign evaluation, continuous brand lift studies will allow you to measure and craft better marketing campaigns in the future.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you conduct a brand lift study, reach out to us at arcadia.brands.

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