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Web graphic design: 6 important tips that will help you stand out.

Web Graphic Design is an important component of your Digital Marketing drive. If you have created your websites and webpages properly, and in such a way that your readers and prospects have no difficulties in finding the information you could be sharing, these will draw good traffic and help your business flourish.

Web Graphic Design covers different areas:

  1. Web graphic design
  2. Interface design
  3. Authoring
  4. User experience design
  5. SEO

Web Graphic Design Elements

  1. Layout: It decides how your information is structured and categorized. For user trust and engagement, preserving layout that’s consistent between the different devices is vital.
  2. Appearance: Colors, fonts, and images… these are the three key elements here. Using the right colors, fonts and images that suit your subject, and convey your core business messages, in the most fruitful way, will help.
  3. Content: Perhaps the most important element, the overall quality of your content will decide if your pages and sites will draw traffic and your business will grow.
  4. Designs: Usability and utility and not the visual designs must be the mantra. Guarantee that you have user-centric designs to give the best user experience.

Significantly, designing websites for desktop browsers and designing websites for mobile and tablet browsers are two different things, and so don’t confuse one with another. Ensure that while you are designing your pages, they flow effortlessly and smoothly from a desktop to a mobile screen.

web graphic design | arcadia report by arcadia brands

Designing Types

Basically, there are two kinds of designing:
A. Responsive: Here, the content moves dynamically
B. Adaptive: Here, content is fixed in layout and sizes.

Web Graphic Design: 6 Important Tips That Will Help You Stand Out from The Crowd

1. Have High Quality Content.

Content is King. If you can provide easily digestible information fast, your readers and visitors will love you for it. Web users, while looking for information online, want immediate gratifications. They don’t read, they just scan. Most common users select the first link that could lead to the goal. Create content keeping this fact in mind. Write short and concise phrases, following the ‘scannable layout, plain and objective language’ template. Also, provide user-friendly print editions for good user experience.

2. Go all-out for simplicity.

Don’t showcase your designing skills. Keep your site and pages, clutter-free and easily navigable.

3. Avoid using too many Call to Action (CTA) buttons.

It will annoy your readers. Users want to have control. So, never open links in a new browser.

4. Make your pages clear and self-descriptive.

Have consumable pieces of information for your readers.

5. Have clear structure, moderate visual clues, identifiable links.

A confused visitor will leave your site at once. So, guide him gently and smoothly with moderate visual clues, identifiable links.

6. Provide white space solutions.

Surfing puts lots of strain on your eyes, especially if you have to read huge pieces of content to find what you could be interested in. So, have lots of white spaces to calm the ‘tired and strained’ eyes of your readers and visitors, and keep them glued.

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Web graphic design: 6 important tips that will help you stand out. 1 | arcadia report by arcadia brands

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