10 Things Customer Retention Experts Do To Keep Their Patrons Coming Back

10 Things Customer Retention Experts Do To Keep Their Patrons Coming Back.

With start-ups springing up by the minute and online giants constantly working on new gimmicks, it’s important that you don’t get left behind in eCommerce. What better way to stay in the lead than to keep your customers loyal to your business? How to achieve customer retention isn’t as difficult as it sounds, so long as you acknowledge that the first sale doesn’t make a business successful, but the succeeding ones it gets from repeat customers.

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5 reasons why blogging will improve and turbo-charge your business.

Professional blogging is an investment. You have to either put your own time and effort into filling it with engaging content – or hire someone else to do it for you. If you’re still wavering about setting up your professional blog, we’ll show you that the return on this investment is totally worth it!

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How to market disruptive innovations: technology adoption life cycle.

Technology adoption life cycle. Tech startups is a buzzword that has driven young adults to either work for startups, or build their own startups. Most of the solutions from technology startups are designed to be disruptive innovations, which means that tech startups have stripped all of the less important features, selling just the essential features to mass markets.

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